The origins of James Baroud can be traced back to Portugal in 1997. After James Baround co-founder Tony Partenio used several rooftop tents of other brands that showed good results under light or regular use, none could face the stressful use under extreme conditions. There was a gap in the products available; the world needed a quality rooftop tent that could offer resistance to travel on harsh off road terrain, perform well under extreme weather and in extreme temperatures, and provide a sleek, streamlined, and aesthetically appealing tent that was prepared for anything. 

In 2014, James Baroud USA because the exclusive importer of James Baroud rooftop tents and accessories for North America.


Development & Manufacturing

Tough, resilient, and dependable aren't just buzzwords for us. Every James Baroud rooftop tent goes through rigorous development and testing and we are constantly revisiting designs to see what improvements can be made. Before our products are available on the market, all James Baroud products are designed, tested, and manufactured in Porto, Portugal. 



While we do not sell our products direct, we have dealers spread across the United States and Canada. We have strict guidelines to ensure dealers are able to assist in setting you up in the products that best fit your needs as well as installing our products on your vehicle.